FIT Bunker is always keen to meet qualified personal trainers that are full of passion, drive and keen to build a business. We are not looking for just any qualified coach. Being accepted into the FIT Bunker Business Program means you must be willing to work hard, show commitment and really be willing to do whatever it takes to get your business to the next level.

FIT Bunker does not sell franchises and throw you into the deep end. While you do hold your personal training qualifications, if you come on board with FIT Bunker, you will be starting from the ground up, learning how to build from the basics, grow a PT business and for the right person you will learn the processes right through to owning your own FIT Bunker studio or chain of studios. While this will not happen overnight, it will give you the tools and knowledge you need to ensure absolute success. 

FIT Bunker has the experience and support programs to assist you in building a successful business within the Bunker. With extremely low support fees, you will be backed with weekly business mentoring and support, ongoing marketing possibilities and access to a rapidly building database of new leads. You will also have access to a private, professional consultation room, the most innovative training studios in Brisbane that are fully decked out with all the equipment you could possibly need to gain your clients incredible results. 

FIT Bunker has the perfect PT succession program, that for the right person, that will see you opening your own FIT Bunker, or chain of Bunkers, the sky is the limit. We want personal trainers that are keen to build a business, not just coast through the daily grind with no real purpose.

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